Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rick Trebino---FROG books and Swamp Optics

Usually I am not a fan person. I like a few actors. I like a few singers. But ever since I discovered Professor Trebino’s website I am a huge fan of his. I bought his book, returned to his public lecture notes many times for references, and I introduced it to many of other graduate students. Today when I was wandering in the exhibit hall during the coffee break I stopped by Swamp Optics. A guy there starts to talk, I looked at him. It is my hero---Professor Trebino. His lovely wife, which he showed in his FROG books, is also standing there. I can’t believe that I finally meet him in person.

He just announced his newest product----GRENOUILLE-LITE today. It is much smaller compared to GRENOUILLE and cheaper than an autocorrelator. Like his other devices, he tried to simplify the setup as much as he can. Also, it is versatile as if you need to change your laser wavelength, all you need to do is get a transform kit then you can measure your new pulse.

Another product on show is the BOA Compressor which has been selected as a WINNER for SPIE's Prism Award honoring the Most Innovative Products in Optics in 2009. BOA stands for “Bother-free Optimized Arrangement”.

I told him I like the name: Swamp Optics. He laughed. He said once in a exhibit, a woman came to ask me what is Swamp stands for. Since he used because his products are named as FROG, GRENOUILLE etc. he actually didn’t think about that. But as smart as he is, he found one phase right away:

Small (Smart? I forgot. ) Wonderful Apparatus for Measuring Pulses.

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  1. I may be biased because I am Rick Trebino's wife, Linda, whom Miaochan mentions in Tuesday's UP blog, but I enjoyed meeting Miaochan, who is clearly inspired and enthusiastic, and who writes in a style that's fun to read. By the way, the S in Swamp stands for Simply, so it's simply wonderful apparatus measuring pulses. Thanks!